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Technical expertise, artistic input & friendly advice
Our retouchers have a wide range of experience in digital enhancement. They will apply their creative flair and expertise to produce a natural looking, professional quality image that you can display with pride.
Feel free to contact us, we are happy to offer advice and to help you choose the most suitable retouching solution.
Whether you want us to restore an old photograph, remove unwanted people, or simply adjust colour or contrast, we can do it. From photo montage to retouching facial imperfections, the possibilities are truly endless.
Learn more about retouching terms.
Browse through our examples below and see what we can do for you.
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If you are clear about what you need, or want a quick retouch, the fixed price option is for you.

Fixed Price Option £ 9.00:
Select as many retouching options from the list below as required
includes free scanning

See retouching examplesGlossary of terms

Your retouched image will be ready for downloading within 48 hrs after placing your order.

Retouching can be complex. If you are unsure how to improve your photo or if you simply need a quote, use our free quote option, we are here to help you with any queries.

A few of the more advanced retouching possibilities:


Convert black and white to colour
Convert to black and white
Removal of unwanted objects or people, adding people
Add creative borders and/or creative text
Removing, adding or changing background
Restoration of torn, damaged or faded photographs
Cropping, resizing images
Photo montage / collage - combining pictures
Photo merge to create panoramic format
Art effects such as pop art, watercolour, drawing effect etc.

Visual cosmetic surgery

Face & body surgery: smooth skin, naturalise skin tones, facial
imperfections, teeth whitening.

See retouching examplesGlossary of terms

Fixed Price Option £ 9.00
We will send you a quote within 24hrs. You will then have the choice to proceed or cancel your order.

Before scanning your photos read our scanning advice to ensure best quality.

Alternatively, our professional scanning services fee are:

Fixed price option: free
Request a quote: £2.99 per scan

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