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Colour & Style
Single mount - A neutral colour will enhance any subject however we recommend using our design studio to experiment with different colours.
Double mount - As a general rule, a neutral colour for the main mount usually works best. For the inner mount, which is nearest to your artwork, try a colour that matches a dominant colour from your photo.
The mount is the border that lies between your photo and its frame. It both protects your image and sets it off to its best advantage. It's the feature of a framed picture that often goes unnoticed, but its importance shouldn't be underestimated. An effective mount can turn a good framed photograph into a truly stunning one.
Mounts Fix and Frame

Precision and quality

Our mounts are cut with the utmost precision, using computer-controlled equipment to ensure accuracy. The acid-free, white core cardboard is 1400 microns thick (1.4mm), and is made to a neutral PH specification, ideal for prints, posters, photographs and virtually any subject that does not need to be mounted to a conservation level.

Feel free to contact us - we are happy to offer advice and to help you choose the most effective mounting solution.
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