Frequently Asked Questions


What picture file formats do you accept?

You can upload JPG, PNG, GIF and Tiff files, the maximum file size is 20mb. If you upload a file that we don’t accept, a message will appear on screen alerting you that you need to upload your image as a JPG, PNG, GIF or Tiff. There are applications that you can use online to convert files, for example a RAW file to a JPEG. All corrected photos will be returned to you to download in the same file format that they were uploaded to us, unless otherwise specified by you.

How do I send my photos to you?

You can either upload your image straight to the FixandFrame (hyperlink to site or you can post original photos to our studio. We cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage. All photos will be returned. CD's will not be returned unless requested. Return postage costs will be added to your quote. All our postage will be sent 'Recorded Delivery'. 'Special Delivery' is available on request.

Can you work with negatives or slides?

Yes, we can work with negatives and slides as well. There is a £1 scanning cost for this service. Please post them to: Fix & Frame Unit 6, St Margarets Business Park, Moor Mead Road, London TW1 1JN

I want to send my image by ordinary post.

To safeguard your photo protect it by placing it between two pieces of cardboard and ideally send by Recorded Delivery so that you can track your image. We cannot take responsibility for photos lost in the post.

Will you retouch and print any photos?

You must own the copyright or have permission to use any images you submit to FixandFrame. We reserve the right to refuse images that are inappropriate or offensive.

What resolution should I scan my original photo to?

We recommend that you scan your photo at resolution of at least 600dpi. If you require larger prints then a resolution of 1200dpi and 2400dpi. Images should be saved as JPEG or TIFF at maximum quality. Slides and negatives need to be scanned at a resolution of at least. If you want larger prints you will need to scan at higher resolutions.

How long does it take to receive a retouching quote?

We strive to reply to your quote request or email enquiry within 24 hours.

How long are my images stored on the site for?

The photos you send us are stored on our servers, along with the corrected image for 10 days. As you may expect, we have a large volume of photos requiring large amounts of space at any given period. We must continually clear space and remove photos so that we do not run out of capacity for you and our other customers.

How do I pay?

Payment is made by Secure Payment using your debit or credit card. We do not accept cheques.

Why do you need my email address?

We communicate with you only via email, you receive emails from us to inform you when you need to login and download corrected photos for example. If you would like to hear about our offers and promotions you can opt in to receive our newsletter.

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Does anyone else have access to my photos?

Your photos are assigned to one of our retouchers who are legally obliged to keep all photos confidential.

Do you use or sell my photos?

No. You retain the copyright to your images.

Can you repair photos that have been underexposed or overexposed?

If the image is extremely overexposed or underexposed then it may not be possible to repair it. If the details were not originally captured then we will not be able to retrieve them. We'll let you know if there is a problem.

The colours in my photo have faded, can it be restored?

Yes. Any faded colour photos can be restored.

Can you convert images into different colour tones?

Yes we can, for example we can turn Sepia into black and white or convert a black and white photo into colour. However we will return your photo to the same colour tones it was when you sent it to us, i.e. Black & White, Colour or Sepia unless otherwise specified.

Can you repair photos that have fallen apart into two or more pieces?

Yes, just make sure you send us all the pieces, or include all the pieces in the scan.

Part of the photo is missing completely. Can you replace this?

We can replace certain details such as backgrounds, hands, arms etc, though replacing someone's face would only be possible if you had a second photograph that we could use.

Can you remove someone or an object from a photo?

Yes we can remove any unwanted people or objects from a photo.

My photo is oval, will it still be oval when it is repaired?

Yes, unless you request otherwise.

Some people have their eyes closed. Can you open their eyes for us?

Yes. If you have another photo available showing their eyes we can use this to repair your image. Alternatively, for black and white or sepia photos we can use a generic set of eyes to repair the image. If your photo is in colour and you do not have a suitable photo showing their eyes, then just let us know the colour of their eyes and we will "borrow" a suitable matching pair for you.

My photo is badly blurred; will it be nice and sharp when it comes back?

Poor focussing when the photo was taken cannot be "fixed" as the details are not there to be restored. So, if it is blurred to start with it will most likely be blurred when the damage is repaired. We'll let you know if there is a problem.

Can you restore old documents or certificates?

Yes, we can restore any paper-based documents, certificates and newspaper articles etc. If it can be electronically scanned, we can restore it. However, you must ensure that you have permission to make a copy of the document. Certain documents may be covered by copyright laws.

Why does it take so long to upload and/or download some of my photos?

The factors that determine the speed are the size of the photo(s) you upload as well as your internet connection speed.

May I have someone else download my photos to their computer?

Photos may be downloaded to any computer as many times as you wish for up to 10 days after you have received them. The only way for someone else to download your photos is to give your account email address and password, which is not recommended. If you wish for someone else to receive your photos, we recommend emailing them after you have downloaded them to your computer.

If you cannot repair the photo will I still be charged?


What happens if I'm not satisfied with the restoration work?

We will retouch according to your instructions. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, we will ask you why and may make further adjustments to comply with your quoted request.

How do I choose a mount for my frame?

If you choose to use a single mount, we suggest using a neutral colour such as Ivory or Ice white. Neutral tones will enhance any subject; try different colours in the mount section before simply going with Ivory or White. If you have decided to use a double mount, it’s best to use a neutral colour for the main mount, for the base (the mount nearest your artwork) it is a good tip to pick a dominant colour in the image as this can add a new dimension. Keeping all your mounts the same colour will soften the layers very well. However, choosing colour contrasts that are too extreme might not be as aesthetically pleasing.

How do I decide how wide the mount should be?

Wide mounts can emphasize the image and create a similar look to those you'd see in a gallery. It is especially effective on small subject images, as it gives it a sense of importance. However, when used with large images, a wide mount can maintain the balance of the subject, keeping everything proportional.

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