Mount board specifications:

Mount board with a striking pure solid white core and backing.
Neutral PH. Pure white bevel - Stays white - Non acidic.
The core and backing are made from chemically purified wood pulp from which all potentially harmful substances have been extracted.

1400 Microns (1.4mm) board, use to enhance the appearance of any subject, giving you the confidence that the finished item is protected against acidic contamination and provides a truly professional finish.
Mounting :
This is the technique used to secure a photograph to a mount or display board.
Wide mounts:
If your artwork is small, a wide mount will emphasize it and will give the impression of value and importance. This type of presentation is popular with galleries. On a large artwork, a wide mount will maintain balance and proportion.
Double mounts:
Using one mount underneath another. The inner mount, which is the part nearest to your image, should be 5 - 7mm smaller than the main mount. The maximum recommended width being 10mm
"Weighting" the mount:
When mounting an extra large or very long artwork, or if the focal point of your artwork is near the bottom, you will probably have to make the mount bottom border heavier than the others. This is called "weighting". By having the bottom border wider than the top and side borders your artwork will appear supported and well balanced. Weighting can be applied to any borders.
Mount colours:
A few general rules: dark mounts can control your image but light mounts will amplify it. Light coloured mounts can open up a subject and make it appear larger. Dark coloured mounts can turn you eye inward, making the picture seem smaller. White mounts can look stunning with black and white images. Neutral colours fit any room.

Ideally, the mount colour should match your artwork but no lighter than the lightest colour, no darker than the darkest colour and no brighter than the brightest colour of your artwork.
Colour & Style:
Single mount - A neutral colour will enhance any subject however, we recommend using our design studio to experiment with different colours. Double mount - As a general rule, a neutral colour for the main mount usually works best. For the inner mount, which is nearest to your artwork, try a colour that matches a dominant colour from your photo.