Your painting or photo should be the focus, not the picture frame moulding nor the mount. Avoid material that might compete with the artifact being framed.

Your choice of picture frame moulding should be guided by the interior décor and your own personal taste. Metal frames look fine in contemporary decor, wood picture frames with an unobtrusive stain work is best in most other situations.

Good-quality frames and mounts are not an expense – they are an investment in the protection of your fine art and photographic images. Your custom picture frames will serve you well for years to come.

Picture framing increases the beauty of your picture but also offers great protection. The frontal glass keeps away the air, pollution, moisture and anything that could harm the picture as a whole. A well chosen frame will not only enhance the art work, it will also protect the material and increase its lifespan for the years to come.

Our framing materials do not contain acids that cause damage to the print, we provide acid free backings and mounting materials so that damage to your art print is avoided. Our UV filtering glass give the print extra protection from ultraviolet light.

Never display your art piece in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

Never use water or cleaning products to clean your frames. A soft brush or a clean damp cloth are sufficient.